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8 Things To Avoid In Planning Exhibition Stand Mockup

There are some golden rules to be followed by crafting the best exhibition stand. They should be crafted in a way in which they can attract the prospects, leave a better impression and mark an impact over the visitors here.

The following are the tips that we have shared today to help you plan an exhibition stand to mock-up that will be helping your business to stand out and being able to achieve the marketing goals that you have set.

For pitching to a concentrated group of prospects with money to spend trade shows offer a prime opportunity.

To present your business, stand out from the crowd and show customers what makes you the best choice of supplier it’s a chance here.

The whole event can be a waste of your time and investment but when you get it wrong and not only you but your brand image will suffer too.

It pays to be aware of the most common mistakes made by exhibitors, with so much potential business at stake. Between a successful show with the best display mockup and a disappointing one, you need to avoid them to make all the difference.

Goals and Audience

You will have to make a determination for your goals here along with the audience who will be there at exhibition prior to beginning to design your exhibition stand mock-up here.

You need to take in concern the objectives that you follow for your exhibition and what do you want your stand to achieve here.

You also need to determine the values, products as well as the services you are going to deliver out to them.

You would also need to determine the manner in which you can design your stand here after identifying your target audience.

You also need to determine the manner in which you need to interact with your stand here as you need to focus on your wants and requirements.

You also need to ensure that your stand here would attract the right people to your business as you can understand your audience well.


There are manufacturers who also utilize the space to the fullest that has been allocated for the exhibition here while the designing of the stand mockup is done.

You need not use any physical hurdles as this would essentially minimize the flow of the stand as you need not try cram loads of features into it while you are planning for your stand here.

You need to create an inviting and welcoming stand here instead of using a space where you think cleverly about the visitors that you have.


By building up and adding height to your exhibition stand is one way to maximize space is.

You need to get noticed by your potential prospects here as this would be increasing your visibility a lot. You need to design your stand accordingly so that all your logos and signage are well noticed by your customers.


Lighting is the main aspect that is going to enhance the aesthetics of your stand.

They are used to draw in visitors to your stand in creating some attractive mood along with an atmosphere for highlighting important messages along with the products as well as areas as they help in the visitors to clearly view the displays here.


Your brand can be portrayed well along with the materials for your exhibition stands. You also need to enhance the marketing message as people can experiment with different materials too.


You need to communicate with some important messages here as you need to make the best use of the text here.

You need to avoid the longer sentences along with the jargons that are confusing enough as you need to focus on some simple and concise language to get the messages across as texts should be kept as simple as the rest. All you need to make sure the texts are quite easy and clear to read.


It is at many times can quite often be much more impactful at capturing the attention of your prospect with the use of graphics and visuals that prove to be quite effective.

You also have to focus on your brand colors for keeping the exhibition stand consistent with your existing marketing materials here as you need to keep your signage simple enough.

Interactive Activities

If you are looking ahead for engaging more audiences enabling them to immerse themselves in your brand is through the incorporation of some interactive elements here to your exhibition stand.

You can also be able to drive in the attention as you can be quite creative with the touch screens as well as the VR headsets as well as the videos, live product demonstrations and many more.

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